5 initial steps you need to take when starting a business online

If you are thinking of starting your own internet business, then the first step in beginning an internet business is choosing the type of business structure that will work best.

Each business structure has different advantages and disadvantages, but choosing the right one will help you maximise your profits and minimize your risks.

Many people from all over the world are clamouring to create their fortunes online.

In countries such as Germany, Austria, or Switzerland – here, the expression online geld verdienen describes the act of making money online – savvy entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for profitable and digital business opportunities.

Creating an online shop

When it comes to making money on the internet, many people are looking for different ways to create an online store. This can be a profitable venture mainly for those willing to spend the time and effort to learn how to create an online store.

The first thing that you need to do is to do market research. This is one of the most important things you need to do when making money online.

If you want to create an online store, you need to know your market to sell and advertise effectively and not waste money by targeting the wrong people. As soon as you know your market, you can now decide how to design your online store.

This is very important because if your market is not interested in your products and services, they will never return to your site again.

You have to look into the different aspects of your market research:

  • What would they want to buy?
  • What are their interests?
  • How much time do they have for shopping?

These are just some of the questions you need to answer before you can even start designing your site.

After you already completed your market research, you need to start now designing your site.

The first thing you have to do is figure out what you want your site to be about. Are you going to sell different types of products or niche down into specific products?

Lastly, you have to decide on how to create your online store. There are different ways to do this, but the most popular way is to make your store using Shopify. This is a website that can help you build your online store with just one click. However, there are other methods, and depending on your budget and ability, you may find some of the alternatives to be better choices.

The most popular methods to create an eCommerce presence include:

  • Shopify: Easy and straightforward to use and set up. However, it is a sizeable monthly payment and increases rapidly with any extra plugins you might need to use (currency conversion, upselling.).
  • WordPress: This is a useful option for those looking to save some money, but you still need to buy a domain name and hosting. It would help if you also had a minimal level of technical competency. The upside is that you can find lots of great videos and documentation online about to use it.
  • Squarespace: Simple to use, not too expensive but has minimal customization options.
  • Bigcommerce: Similar to Shopify. It includes a website builder, which can make life simpler; however, it is a bit more of a learning curve than Shopify’s choice of a template and set-up method.

Here is a quick step by step guide on how to go about setting up your own online business.

Step one: decide on a business structure

There are many types of businesses that you can start, and they all have different advantages and disadvantages.

When you set up a business, you usually start by operating as either a sole trader limited liability business or corporation. A person or couple can also act as a sole trader. However, some companies are not able to be operated by just anyone.

For example, if you are a business owner and want to run the business as profitably as possible, you should look into operating it as a corporation. This will allow you to maximize the potential profits of your business.

Step two: choose a product to make or promote

Depending on the type of business you have in mind, you can choose from a wide variety of products to market.

You may choose to do your business solely based around the sale of clothing and accessories, or you may choose to focus your business on making money with other services such as data entry or affiliate programs.

Step three: determine your goals

To decide how to start an internet business, it is essential to set your business goals before you decide to get started.

For example, if you want to make money with affiliate programs, you need to decide the amount you wish to gain, how often you wish to make an income, and how much you want to spend on advertising.

Once you know these details, you will make wise decisions that will help you achieve your goals.

Step four: choose a program

Now that you have chosen a product and a plan to make money with, you need to select a program that will make that product profitable.

There are many ways to do this, and much software to choose from. You can choose an affiliate program where you can sell other people’s products, or even make your products, but that will require more time and effort.

Most people prefer to start their business as an affiliate marketer because they can sell a product already available in the market for them but still produce a commission.

Step five: learn how to use the internet

Once you have your business up and running, it is necessary to learn how to use the internet. You cannot only expect to make money if you use the internet, though, so you also need to know how to use it to its maximum.

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