6 must-have marketing tools for scaling your eCommerce business

There are several must-have marketing tools for scaling your eCommerce business and optimising your online presence. In the constantly changing, competitive eCommerce business environment, the best marketing tools are critical to growing your online sales, generating business leads fast, and drive conversions.

With so many popular tools available on the market, there are several factors to consider before making your decision. Taking the time to evaluate several factors related to price, functionality, and reliability is vital to selecting the best marketing solutions. To help you make your choice, we have compiled a list of the must-have eCommerce marketing tools for scaling your online business.


Ubersuggest is a must-have marketing tool to help you scale your eCommerce business. Owned by marketing expert Neil Patel, the Ubersuggest platform provides detailed reports that allow you to easily analyse any domain or keyword.

The free SEO platform will conduct a thorough domain overview that includes organic search traffic, backlink data, and keyword position. Of course, this type of data can reveal keywords that your competitors are currently targeting and ranking for. Understanding this data, you can leverage keyword suggestions to produce new content, optimize your pages, and build links to your site.

You can even use the platform to conduct an SEO Analyzer Audit on your eCommerce website. Using popular SEO tools like Ubersuggest provides your business an integral opportunity for online growth.


Next, ReferralCandy is a unique eCommerce marketing tool for optimising your digital presence. The powerful marketing tool was founded in 2009, and currently operates referral programs for over 30,000 online stores. Specifically, the platform allows you to create a customised referral program for your eCommerce shop.

ReferralCandy allows you to choose from personalized rewards like store discounts, cash payouts, and custom gifts for referring customers. Of course, this type of data helps you easily track traffic, enhance your ROI, and save valuable time. Using this data, you can boost engagement and improve referral success for your eCommerce platform. Using this popular solution, you can effectively kickstart your word of mouth marketing strategy.  If you are looking for a popular eCommerce marketing tool, Referral Candy delivers all the key features to grow your business in 2020.

EZ Texting SMS Marketing

EZ Texting is a must-have advertising tool to help you scale your eCommerce business. This is a widely-used solution for marketers looking for clever ways to use text messaging in business. The text marketing tool empowers you to run contests, distribute coupons, and advertise current promotions at your online shop. Of course, engaging in these promotional activities is a great way to generate leads, grow your opt-in list, and obtain valuable insights into your shoppers. Using this information, you can streamline customer communications while enhancing brand loyalty.

Moreover, the SMS marketing platform lets you send out emergency notifications, alerts, and reminders to keep your audience constantly informed. If you are looking for a unique eCommerce marketing tool, EZ Texting provides a bundle of unique services to help you leverage and engage your shopper base.


Improvely is a must-have effective marketing tool to begin using to establish your digital presence. The marketing tool provides detailed reports on organic traffic, SEO, social and paid media traffic.

The platform will help you track conversions, monitor click fraud, and obtain deep insights into search traffic. Of course, this type of data can uncover where the majority of your website traffic is coming from. Using this information, you can identify your best customers, track repeat visits, and access advanced conversion attribution models. Moreover, the platform lets you view IP addresses, device information, and top referrers.

If you are looking for a popular eCommerce marketing solution for your online business, Improvely has all the key features to scale your platform.


Optimizely is a widely used marketing tool for eCommerce shop owners. The platform offers a collection of resources to help you attract and retain customers. Optimizely will help you target your messaging, personalize your campaigns, and drive growth to your online business. Of course, this data can reveal information about what messages help drive maximum sales conversions, retention, and overall value. Using this information, you can make impactful marketing decisions to grow your eCommerce business.

Moreover, the platform helps you optimize landing pages, UX design, and your digital sales funnel. With over twenty of the top Fortune 100 Global Businesses already depending on this popular solution, Optimizely offers all the key features to grow your eCommerce platform.

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator is an effective marketing tool to scale your online business with LinkedIn. An incredibly powerful solution, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is currently utilized by more than 80% of the Forbes Cloud 100, including major companies like PayPal, SAP, and JLL.

The platform allows you to build client relationships by tapping into LinkedIn’s professional network. Of course, this type of data can help you close higher win rates, larger deals, and more pipeline from sourced opportunities. Using these metrics can help you understand key insights, target the right audience, and personalize your outreach. If you are interested in an effective eCommerce marketing tool, LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator offers all the advanced features to prospect new leads more effectively.