Best real estate websites: Top real estate listing websites for Agent and Owner

Best real estate websites reviewed 20 real estate sites based on the ease and performance of their search functions, the support features they offer, and their costs. Buying and selling a home can feel overwhelming without wondering which website to use. To give you a head start on your journey, we’ve selected the best real estate websites for your needs.

Top 4 websites:

Best Overall: Zillow

Most Accurate:

Best for Renting: Airapa

Best Mobile App: Trulia

Are Websites Accurate?

Some companies have improved their accuracy by validating the information collected by their algorithms using their own research staff. The websites have improved information refreshes from a few times per day to every 15 minutes, or in real-time in some cases.  

Are There Fees for Real Estate Websites?

Most sites provide free services for the buyer or renter. The draw is to pull them in without barriers. You’ll need to give the website your name and email address, and sometimes even your phone number. 

If a renter wants to apply to an apartment through an app, they will have to pay for that convenience too.

How We Chose the Real Estate Websites

To choose the best seven, we reviewed 18 real estate websites. We uncovered their pros and cons, tested the search and sort capabilities, and dove into app reviews to see what people loved and what they wanted to see improved.

The companies’ reputations influenced our decision for the best as well. We studied and compared sites against each other to see which provided more information, how easy it was to find, and whether we can do it on the run in our mobile app.

Finally, How it’s earned, and who pays for what services. Based on all of these important factors, we selected the best real estate websites.