Engineering project management: Top 5 tools to manage projects

ave you ever thought about why project management is a time-consuming process? Are you using spreadsheets to update project status? We have a solution for both. It is the project management tool. The best project management tool guides you consistently, from planning the budget to tracking down every step in your project.

Notably, for engineering projects where detailing is more than necessary, you won’t miss any of those when you use an organised project management software. In this article, we present the top 5 best project management tools for engineering projects.

Jonas Enterprise

Jonas Enterprise project management model is designed especially for electrical, mechanical, construction, and industrial engineering-related projects. This is why it meets all professionals like contractors, plumbers, supervisors, land developers all in one place to execute the massive projects efficiently.

This project management tool has an easy setup with a step-by-step onboarding process even for non-skilled personnel. Jonas Enterprise salient features are:

  • Track real-time costs and generates automatic forecasting
  • GPS routing capabilities for assigning the tasks to the nearest technicians
  • Data synchronization within the system to update the latest information to everyone in the team
  • No installation and no coding skills are required in this cloud-based software
  • Customized ten modules that fit various business structures.

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KaseyaBMS implements a comprehensive approach to deal with your complex project structure. It has a cloud-based architecture that is scalable to fit your project needs perfectly.

Basically, this project management tool concentrates on four areas, namely project management, time & expense tracking, finance & billing, and inventory management. Thus, you have wholesome software to deal with all the necessities. KaseyaBMS is suitable for IT-based projects in addition to products like KennerPIM to improve project speed and efficiency.

KaseyaBMS salient features are:

  • Accounting software like QuickBooks integration with the software
  • A 360 degree into service visibility
  • Extensive project reporting tools for expense and time separately
  • Pricing is negotiable with free trial options.


Are you working on a gaming project? Then, Favro accelerates your creative project exponentially.

Its top-notch features improve your business agility at a faster rate. This best project management tool has fascinating customizable templates you can use to develop your content. Favro has an intuitive dashboard to manage your entire workflow and team members’ current performance instantly.

Favro salient features are:

  • Personal to-do list for employees to jot down their daily tasks
  • Insightful reports for in-depth analysis of the project scenario
  • Kanban board, portfolio budgeting, and task management ease off your complex project processes
  • Comes with free trial options.


Be it any engineering project or any business scale, GoodDay is the right fit. It has plugins to facilitate high-level planning, task organization, execution, knowledge sharing, and communication so that your project process becomes more effortless and seamless. This best project management tool keeps both team members and project managers on the same page to handle the overall workload.

GoodDay salient features are:

  • Collaborative workspace to breakdown organizational silos
  • Self-hosted cloud-based software with both desktop and mobile applications to work anywhere and anytime
  • Provides intuitive idea management tabs to brainstorm ideas
  • Delivers advanced project planning tools, and the entire pricing plan starts at a very low price.


Lumeer handles program development project with its intuitive features. It is the best project management tool for its empowering and transparent collaborative options. You don’t require an elaborate spreadsheet to manage simple processes when you use Lumeer for any workflow management that is a few mouse clicks away.