Four ideas for creating a cozy home office

Working from home has its benefits; being in charge of your schedule, and not being micromanaged. Another great advantage of being your own boss is being able to create an office space that promotes creativity, productivity, and happiness. Of course, you cannot neglect essential equipment but when it comes to décor, there are so many different approaches. Keep reading for decorating tips for your home office.

Aim for chic

Why not turn your library, sunroom or spare bedroom into a home office? Start by painting the walls a darker colour such as black, navy blue, charcoal, or slate grey.  However, make sure to maximize the natural light you do get by installing a mirror or two. When it comes to the desk and chair, you can look for clean-lined models to streamline the look of the room. To bring in some colour, furnishings in light fabrics and a patterned rug in a warm shade will do the trick and bring the whole space together. In terms of accents, stay minimal and go for gold and transparent items. For instance, a black and white photo from your travels in a gold frame is something that you can display on the wall.

Connect with nature

Why not add as much greenery as possible to your home office? You can even create an environment that is reminiscent of the outside by adding elegant wallpaper with a leaf pattern. Then, you can introduce houseplants into the space that will provide you with plenty of benefits, from boosting your mood to cleaning the air. If your office is located in a part of your home that doesn’t get much light, simply choose indoor plants. However, if you are not confident in your ability to keep greenery alive, you can also add some cute artificial plants to the room. Why not consider a small table fountain or a rug made from natural materials such as jute?

Keep it eclectic

Having a home office means that you can express your personality in your workspace. If you’re artsy and edgy, you may like an eclectic style. In terms of the colours, you can truly choose whichever hue suits your taste; but if you’re having trouble deciding, a calming blue or deep green is always a good choice. These shades both put your mind at ease and motivate you to work. When it comes to furniture, go as eclectic as you want. From a desk with bold and clean lines to chairs with curvy legs, the choices abound. What is more, the accents are something you can go all out on so think about mixing patterns and materials or displaying a variety of art pieces that show who you are.

Get the hygge feeling

The Scandinavian term hygge is a quality of coziness that makes a person feel content and comfortable. This is surely something that you want from your office. Hygge often goes hand-in-hand with minimalism, which is great, as clutter can be distracting. A bright and airy palette can work wonders, so you might consider painting your walls white. You can also keep the furniture white or go for natural materials like light wood. In terms of form, be on the lookout for open bases and slender forms. If you stick to white walls and white furniture, you risk everything looking too sterile, which is why you need some accents in warm neutral tones. Get raw wood photo frames, some rope planters for your greenery, and a foggy-grey rug.

There are many approaches you can take if you’re looking to create a cozy home office. From introducing plants and implementing natural materials to displaying your interests as décor, all you need is a bit of creativity.