Future-proofing your business with mobile apps

Young woman crossing road and using phone

No one wants to think that their business is temporary, or that their products and services will one day be redundant to consumers. Sadly, many businesses are not future-proof. The solution? Using mobile phone technology to prepare your business for the inevitable.

Make shopping easier

Your mobile shopping app might be holding you back from success. This eCommerce element can support and supplement your sales channels, and can make you more attractive to a wider net of customers. A sales funnel that is clunky or makes the user feel cautious to enter their personal data and payment details will not help you gain the conversion that your business needs. Instead, bring a comprehensive and easy-to-use app to your business and watch your customers interact and convert.

Show up for your customers

Not every business has a 24/7 call centre, a team of proactive business developers or even a full-time social media manager. These resources can be too costly for up and coming businesses. A mobile app can essentially provide these functions, and it’s ‘always on’ format means you can show up for your customers no matter the time or place. Design an app that accurately describes your products, informs your audience and urges them to sign up or convert – and you will enjoy consistent traffic and happy customers that feel seen.

Collect data and pivot

Many businesses are frustrated when their databases don’t grow as quickly as they would like. You can create an app where customers can enter their data. Why not extend your enquiry forms to gain a little more information about your new sign ups. Don’t commit tireless hours trying to manually find contacts – and let your app collect them for you, it’s that simple.

Closed channel

Facebook and Instagram have become very crowded marketplaces. Viewers are shown hundreds of ads a day. Constant advertising desensitizes your audience to your message. Alternatively, other advertisements from other brands may be stealing them away. Comparatively, your app is a closed channel where you direct the narrative, guide the user and can create a unique experience. You don’t need to rush anything and can really flesh out your offering without fear of distraction.

Businesses always have an opportunity to future proof their operation and continue to provide value to generations to come. Consider a mobile app for your business, as it might be the missing link to unlocking new opportunities.

By Suzanne Elly