Improve user experience on your website?

In the 20th-century marketing world, having a website with an intuitive user experience beats traditional marketing tools and strategies like commercial advertisements. Unlike other marketing and product promotion tools, a website will be up 24/7 to increase awareness and even make sales in the case of a retail scale. Moreover, you’ll be shipping to almost every corner of the globe, provided your customer’s country of origin has favourable customs law. Therefore, if you get it right from the word go, your business will remain one to be emulated by many in your industry.

However, it is also crucial to understand that attaining an intuitive user experience is determined by the amount of work you put into the website. For instance, hiring a company like Fastbase will help you monitor different visitors and see what interests them on the website.  Moreover, freelancers would also want to bring in their pitches through the digital marketing manager’s email address displayed on the website.

So, how do you improve your site’s user experience? Tips to consider include but aren’t limited to the following:

Use white space

The first thing that you should probably do is get your space to be as attractive as possible, which can be achieved by adopting a white space. Whitespace is basically the elements between a page to create a natural flow and give readers an easier time navigating through the content. That means that you shouldn’t crowd the whitespace with unnecessary multiple ads that may end up confusing the reader.

Moreover, ads are known to spook off prospective customers even before spending much time on the website. In other words, enough white space will make your site look authoritative, reputable, and modern.

Publish high-quality content

Publishing high-quality content will encourage your readers to react in the comment or review section and ensure that your site ranks high in terms of search engine result pages (SERPs). That way, you can always get more visitors because internet users prefer obtaining information from sites that immediately show up once they hit the search icon. Remember, a higher SEO ranking also means quality backlinks from authority sites, which can help improve your business’ image and reputation.


How do you think humans fast notice road signs even if they are driving at high speed? It will help if you considered using conventions that are attractive to the eye and captures attention without much hassle. Ideally, the visitor should not strain to find your logo or the navigation bar.

Research shows that web users will click on the next search result if they can’t find whatever they are looking for at your website in less than a minute. Other conventions include contact information and call to action at the navigation menu, social media links or handles in the footer, and well-captured Terms and Privacy Policy.

Visual and typographic hierarchies

Who wouldn’t want a higher readability rate of the contents on their website? It would be best if you adhered to your content’s visual and typographic hierarchies to invoke curiosity and encourage more reading. That means classifying your headings and titles according to size, weight, colour, position, font type, and even type of contrast.

Format texts in a simple way

The sad truth is that even the adult visitors want texts formatted like an article meant for a grade-seven student. Therefore, it will help if you also break down your content into smaller paragraphs with multiple subheadings to encourage reading. You’ll note that most people prefer reading the first few sub-heading lines to grasp an idea of what the content is all about before proceeding.

Optimise your page speed

Lastly, you might also want to optimise your web speed so users don’t have to experience downtime when accessing information. Besides taking Google’s advice, you can always compress the size of your image or video footage before uploading them to the site. You can also switch servers and move to a high-speed one that guarantees optimum performance.

All the above tips will significantly help you improve your website’s user experience, hence locking in more customers and realising improved sales.

By Editorial team