Richest man in the world ever

According to Bloomberg, Tesla’s Elon Musk is the wealthiest man alive, with $202 billion. That’s around the combined gross domestic product of Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia, which have around 76 million people between them

But you know that some people even richer than Elon Musk

John D. Rockefeller

He had anywhere from $300 billion to $400 billion, depending on the estimate. J.P. Morgan was the U.S. lender of last resort before the Federal Reserve was established, stabilizing the economy through a massive loan to the government following the Panic of 1893

Mansa Musa

In 1324, Mansa (“Emperor”) Musa of the Malian Empire went on hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. His entourage consisted of around 60,000 people and a quantity of gold that sent ripples throughout the entire Mediterranean world. He showered the cities he visited with gold, giving it away to the poor and, according to one account, building a new mosque every Friday. He spent especially lavishly in Cairo and Medina, and the sudden influx of money sent prices for everyday goods soaring


But what about the Americas? In 1532, a brutal war of succession between half-brothers Atahualpa and Hu├íscar was just coming to an end, and the Incan Empire was beginning the process of recovery. When dealing with the Incan Empire, issues of economic context are especially hairy. It is the only complex, large-scale civilization ever to develop without any semblance of a market. There was no notion of money at all.

When Spanish conquistadors ambushed Atahualpa at Cajamarca and took him as a prisoner, he was able to muster a ransom like no other, filling a large room with gold. His power was so unquestioned that he could have whole temples stripped of gold, and he did.There was nothing in the empire he did not, in theory, own

The Bottom Line

This is just example of wealthy people in the world I belive that there was more people richer than today billionaire