The Exact Steps I Took to Create a Multiple 6-figure Launch for an Online Course

Photo by Nicole Krummacher

There’s an art to selling online courses, and I’m proud to say that I’ve mastered it. I’ve experienced several multiple six-figure ‘energetic’ online course launches with ease, welcoming many incredible clients along the way.

Of course, I haven’t always had such successful launches. It’s taken me plenty of trial and error to achieve results like this, and I perfected the technique over several years. But once I mastered the art of successful launches, I was able to replicate them several times over.

In this article, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of a recent launch, for my online business programme, the Extraordinary Growth Academy.

I’ll share with you exactly what I did to land a 20x return on my investment including how much we spent on advertising and what marketing activities worked — so you can get inspired when creating a strategy for your next programme launch.

Delight your prospects

I love to share valuable insights with my followers so it felt only natural to use value-driven marketing strategies to convert prospective leads into paying clients. To build energy around the programme launch, I wanted to share a free training that was genuinely helpful, but would also give attendees a taste of myself and how I work with clients.

To do this I organized a four-day free training program called Activate Your High Earning Months, with the aim of giving attendees tons of value and an insight into what it would be like to join my paid program.

During the powerful training, we dug deep into the energetics of marketing, upgrading financial blueprints, and provided real value to prospective clients. 3000 people enrolled in the free program and each live training that I did had hundreds of people on with me live, many more watched the replays.

Marketing spend

In terms of marketing — I invested $11.5k on Facebook advertising. This yielded a 20x return on investment. I’ve gradually increased my FB ads expenditure from one programme launch to the next (my initial programme launches were totally organic). As my confidence grows, so does my advertising spend, and so do my business revenues.

While not everyone who joins the free part of the launch will convert into paying clients immediately, it is worthwhile to think long term. Some people will be ready to buy immediately, some in six months, some in one year. It doesn’t matter. What we are looking at here is the compound effect so it is always worthwhile.

Make it exclusive

I only opened the doors to the academy for a limited amount of time — 12 days to be exact. This created a sense of urgency around the course, spurring clients into action sooner. If you only open your course once or a few times per year they often act quicker. Restricting your offering will make your client hungry for a piece of the action.

The three biggest secrets behind my multiple six-figure online course launches are:

1. Think backwards

Whenever I open the doors for one of my programs I always look to the final outcome and define what I am there to do. I then interview some of my successful clients from the past about their fears and obstacles stopping them from entering the program, what they got out of it, and how can I improve my training programme further.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes — what kind of training would appeal to them? What are they looking for? This research allows you to adjust your offerings, making them so incredibly appealing that your customer just can’t say no.

2. Focus on the process as much as you focus on the outcome

Before I open the doors to a programme or even advertise, or run a free taster course — I always set my intentions. In addition to quantitative goals — i.e target sales revenues or a number of clients I aim to enroll — I also focus on process goals. These types of intentions may appear less tangible, and yet, I find that they make a huge difference to my overall results.

For instance, when I was in the planning stage for my latest course, I sat down and decided what values will drive my programme launch. I came up with a list of keywords around this idea — such as ‘leadership’, ‘wisdom’, ‘fun’, ‘potential’ — and made sure these words guided me through every decision in regards to the program launch.

That way, I find I enjoy the marketing and selling process far more, and get far better ideas for selling out my program successfully.

3. Put yourself and your energy first

I’ll say it as it is — I believe the most influential aspect of every programme launch is the way we feel while executing our strategy. That is what our prospective client buys — our energy.

As such, I do my best to truly put myself, my self-care, and the way I feel at the top of my priorities. During my last launch, I would start my day by doing something I love — whether it is journaling, gardening, or spending time with my children (they were off school during my last launch).

I would tune into the feeling of a successful outcome of the launch daily — and listen for any intuitive ideas that would help me to achieve my goal.

On one such occasion, I was inspired to do something I have never done before — celebrate the milestone of welcoming 10,000 amazing women into my Facebook Group ‘Freaking Amazing Women’ with a cash give-away.

I encouraged people to share videos from my free training series to be entered into the giveaway — the more they shared, the more chances they had to win. I didn’t care about the outcome of this giveaway, apart from making a few lovely people very happy. And it worked. This cash giveaway resulted in over 10,000 organic views for each training session, which in turn helped the overall program launch result. Capture those ideas which are in alignment with the energy you want to experience because they can take you further than any pre-meditated strategy.

I also made sure that I cleared my diary of any obligations. Ditching the hustle mentality and prioritising self-care always works well for me and enables me to get into the energy I need to be in to make the launch a success. Stress, overwhelm and lack of sleep are simply not invited to the party. Outsourcing and delegating makes this process even easier and I have a virtual team to support me, including a Facebook ads manager, an executive assistant, an associate coach, and a marketing assistant. Surrounding yourself with amazing people who support you and pick you up will help you to channel your energy in the right places.

My launch figures:
Launch period: 2 weeks
New leads: 3000
Amount spent of ads: $11 500
Number of clients enrolled: 62

Total sales: $231,708

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By Lenka Lutonska