what country has the highest rural population?

Rural Population And Regions Of The World

Statistical rural population show that the highest number of people. Residing in the rural areas are found in Africa and Asia. Within Africa, the numbers rise to even higher proportions in the sub-Saharan Africa countries. Such as Burundi and Uganda, 88.24% and 84.23% of the people reside in the rural districts.

Likewise, in Asia, the numbers increase as one enters East and South-East Asian countries. Such as Nepal, where 81.76% of Nepalese inhabitants occupy rural zones. Another category of countries found to have a high incidence of their peoples residing in rural. Areas are in the Oceania region of the South Pacific to the southeast of Asia.

Here, we find Samoa and the Solomon Islands with 80.74% and 78.12% of the population inhabiting rural areas, respectively. Across thousands of miles and the Atlantic, with 91.45% of its population dwelling in rural areas. Trinidad and Tobago is also a surprise, considering the country is the wealthiest in the Caribbean region. And ranked world’s 40th highest income country.